Shiulie is an experienced host who has presented at many different events and corporate functions. She has mediated top diplomatic discussions at the UN in New York, including a conference on the Arab Spring and a debate on maternal health issues for the World Health Organization.

She has spoken at universities and schools, and led annual meetings for many different industries such as Shipping and Construction.

Here are a couple of satisfied customers:

"Shiulie Ghosh brought an element of professionalism to our event that immediately raised its profile as soon as she began our show as Master of Ceremonies. With little preparation, she efficiently "ran the show" from the podium with both grace and authority. Her handling of high profile participants such as the United Nations Secretary-General and Arab music star Ragheb Alama was smooth and dignified."
Natabara Rollosson, Event Coordinator for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

"As a presenter, she knows instinctively how to speak to a broad range of audience members making guests and audience members feel welcome, involved and well-informed. Shiulie Ghosh has become an integral part of the success of our concerts and I would highly recommend her to any organisation."
Amira Fouad, Artistic Director & Founder, Qatar Music & Arts

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